"Research" is what drives UYEMURA.

Our technical skills have been forged on the frontlines.

Approximately one-fourth of UYEMURA's employees are researchers. When these researchers are added to our technicians and mechanical designers, nearly half of our entire workforce is involved in development. Most of our sales staff also originated from technological fields, and it is thought that no other company of the same size can match us with regard to the dominance of technology-oriented staff in the labor force. We were the first company in the plating industry to establish the Central Research Laboratory in 1968 as an institution for interdisciplinary research into surface treatment. Since that time we have spared no effort in our devotion to researching and developing surface treatment technologies.

Technologies that integrate the fields of chemical process, mechanical systems, and electronics within this exceptional research environment that is fully supported with the latest analytical equipment providing high-level diagnostic power along with Japan's foremost collection of technical data.

Uyemura also opened a Technical Center in the state of Connecticut. U.S.A., in 1998, which is also equipped with advanced analytical equipment for superior customer support. Many of our research findings are presented to many industry associations and societies patronized by the world's leading companies and researchers, and our work is highly acclaimed within a wide range of technical fields.

In recent years Uyemura have expanded our research and development centers to encompass regions in Asia, such as in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Thailand and Malaysia. The globalization of our research activities has resulted in the UYEMURA brand attracting the attention of corporations throughout the world.

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