Corporate Outline

Shanghai office

Shanghai office

Suzhou Technical Center

Suzhou Branch

Corporate Outline

Uyemura (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Description of business

Domestic sale by import and purchase of chemical and machine for surface treatment




59(Till June, 2022)


Shinji Miyazaki


Shanghai office:

Rm1001-1003, 10/F Shen Building, No.266 Hankou Road, Huangpu Area, Shanghai, 200001, China
Phone 021-6323-8833
FAX 021-6323-5283(Sales Div.)
A question about a product consultation
Extension No.107 Contact personnel: Ms.Shen
A question about a company consultation
Extension No.124 Contact personnel: Ms. Fei

Suzhou Branch:

Jinhe International Building 2500-01, No.35 Shishan Road, Huqiu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, 215011, China
Phone 0512-8518-3889
FAX 0512-8518-3890

Yantai office:

Rm11, 10/F, No.28 Changjiang Rd, Yantai ETDZ, 264006, China
Phone 0535-610-7008
FAX 0535-610-7009

Chongqing Branch:

Rm 12-11, Chongqing forte, Complex City,International Building, No.7 Longjing Rd,North New District, Chongqing, 401120 China
Phone 023-6302-7375
FAX 023-6302-7521