UYEMURA's plating products provide solutions to a variety of problems and obstacles encountered by corporations during various stages of product development.


Flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards are absolutely essential components in mobile telephones, digital cameras, and notebook computers. Advances in these circuit boards are being made on a daily basis, and strategies are being sought to eliminate connection reliability and other worrisome elements in manufacture. UYEMURA is responding to its customers' needs in this area by using its extensive know-how to develop chemical product solutions.


Through exploiting the strong points of plating, UYEMURA provides a wide range of chemicals for use in processing semiconductor wafers, including chemicals developed for use in UBM (Under Bump Metallization)


Maintaining the accuracy of components in precision instruments is vital, and the corrosion, abrasion, and magnetization that occur during long-term use are currently major problems, Electroless nickel plating plays a major role in solving these problems, as products utilizing this particular surface finish have a uniform plating thickness, thus maintaining an even surface, and are highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and magnetization.


In the plating process, it is very important to have chemical solution control management, and it is essential to have an automated chemical control system. UYEMURA has developed automated plating chemical solution control systems that are easy to operate and are specialized for use in electroless nickel plating, and these units are now commercially available.

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