Seriously addressing the issues of quality control and environmental conservation as a manufacturer involved in the field of chemicals and as a leading company in the field.

Surface finishing technology has been highly rated for its potential as a key technology in the IT industry. However, we are still faced with the serious issue of the adverse effects plating has on the environment. We at UYEMURA are not only concentrating on researching and developing manufacturing technology that is environmentally friendly, we are also forging ahead with policies to improve the social position of the entire industry by participating in promotional activities initiated by The Japan Plating Suppliers Association, the organization overseeing plating technology within the field, in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a leading company within the industry.

We are currently striving to promote lead-free solder plating technology in household appliances, personal computers, electronic equipment, communications equipment and other products. We are also paying very close attention to the way in which we handle various chemicals at our main Hirakata chemical blending facility, and as a result we received ISO-14001 certification (international standards related to environmental management) in the year 2002.

Ensuring that we are always one of the first companies in the industry to adopt such measures helps us develop our corporate stewardship to an extent that the full potential of surface finishing can be returned to society without the risk of causing harm to our precious environment.

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